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- Reeds for Great Highland Bagpipe and Scottish Smallpipe pitched in "A" -

- All Reeds are Fully Adjustable with an Internal Moveable Plug giving a wide Range of Tuning -
- All Reeds Cost .... 5.00 each or 15.00 per Set of 3 Reeds -

- "EPIC" Electronic Highland Bagpipe Chanter and Brian Boru Version available -

- Highland Bagpipe Chanter and Brian Boru Chanter - Cost .... 60.00 each plus Postage and Packing -

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... Highland Bagpipe Reeds ... Select from the Drop Down List ... then "Add to Cart" ...

..... HIGHLAND BAGPIPE - CLEAR ROUND REED - 2YP .........View Reeds....       

..... HIGHLAND BAGPIPE - SQUARE REED - SW61 .............View Reeds       

... Scottish Smallpipe Reeds ... Select from the Drop Down List ... then "Add to Cart" ...

.....SCOTTISH SMALLPIPE - CLEAR ROUND REED .......... View Reeds       

.....SCOTTISH SMALLPIPE - SQUARE REED - SW40 .......... View Reeds       

..... Please ADD Postage & Packing for Reeds .....

....... Postage & Packing is free for UK and Ireland.......

...... For Overseas, Europe, USA etc. - Please "Add to Cart" 1 Item of Postage (3.00) per Order of ( 1 - 4 Sets )        

... Please email first for detailed P & P costs for larger quantities .....

- General Notes - Availability of Older Reed Versions -

The older Clear Round Highland 1Y, 1YS, 2YS etc are no longer available. The Highland 2YP and Clear Smallpipe reeds are only available while stocks last

Reeds for the Highland Bagpipe are now the Square SW61 and Reeds for the Scottish Smallpipe are now the Square SW40

Both these have an internal moveable plug with a wide range of adjustment and also the use of a different material gives a better response

..... Cleartone "EPIC" Electronic Bagpipe Chanter ....

.... EPIC .... Electronic Pipes Integrating Circuits
.... Integrating the "Real" Sound of the Great Highland Bagpipe and Scottish Smallpipe with the latest Embedded Microcontroller Technology ....
.... All-Touch Control and Effortless to Play ....

- EPIC Electronic Chanter - Highland Bagpipe Version -

..... EPIC Electronic Bagpipe Chanter ... (Cost = 60.00 chanter unit only).        

... The chanter is similar in size to a Standard Practice chanter, It has 8 finger touch pads (9 notes) and 4 touch control pads. It has a Micro-USB port for 5 volt power from a USB powerbank or equiv. and an Audio Lineout 3.5 mm jack for plug into an external amplified speaker or headphones. Default sound is Great Highland Bagpipe at A=478, Various other pitches are selectable for Highland bagpipe, Smallpipe and practice chanter.
........ It is also fully adjustable to any pitch and Tuning of the scale is "Harmonic" or "Just" ........ View "EPIC" Highland Bagpipe Chanter

- EPIC Electronic Chanter - Brian Boru Version -

.... EPIC Electronic Brian Boru Bagpipe Chanter ... (Cost = 60.00 chanter unit only).        

.... The difference is, it has 3 extra touch holes because of the Brian Boru 4 keyed notes and the default sound is the Brian Boru pipe sound with the extended scale (12 notes). A Brian Boru practice chanter sound can also be selected on this version and all the Highland and Smallpipe sounds can still be played by selecting Highland settings and ignoring the extra touch holes...... View "EPIC" Brian Boru Bagpipe Chanter

- EPIC Electronic Chanter - Postage for Chanters -

.... Postage for EPIC Electronic Bagpipe Chanter is 10.00 per single order within UK and Ireland.        

.... Please email for larger quantities. No Postage if call and collect.

- EPIC Electronic Chanter - General Notes - Operation and Safety -

Please note in order to keep costs at minimum for piping enthusiasts and hobbyists, the chanters are sold as an "assembled hobbyist kit". They are fully assembled and guaranteed, email if having problems or requiring more information. The unit as supplied here is without Powerbank, Leads or Speaker. I cannot post items containing batteries without special precautions.

The unit has NO serviceable parts inside and should NOT be opened. There are NO Batteries, Speakers, Radio, WiFi or Bluetooth components inside. The power consumption of the unit is approx. 50 mA at 5 volt DC Micro-USB connection.

It is recommended that the unit is powered by plugging it into a USB 5 volt PowerBank using a USB A to Micro-USB lead. This makes it portable. A Mains or Car USB 5 volt Power Adaptor (charger) should be used to charge the PowerBank in advance of using it. Do NOT charge the PowerBank when it is supplying power to the chanter

Powering the unit from USB ports in Computers, Phone Chargers and TVs etc. generally works but may cause ground loops and hum etc.

The Audio Output is Lineout levels or Audio Aux out. That means it is suitable for plugging into an amplified Speaker or high impedance Head Phones. Do NOT plug directly into ordinary 4 ohm or 8 ohm Speakers. It can be plugged into Linein on a computer for recording etc. Use a standard 3.5mm TRS Stereo Audio Jack lead and for speaker portability use the small Bluetooth Speakers with Audio Aux input found in the local shops. The chanter does not use bluetooth.

It is the responsibility of the USER / PURCHASER to make sure they use the proper Leads, Power and Speaker equipment and that the equipment complies the relevant country's electrical safety standards. Please email if you require more information.

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