CLEARTONE (Plastic Drone Reeds)

13 Meadowbank Drive, Magherafelt, County Londonderry, Northern Ireland, BT45 6EQ

Telephone .... (028) 7963 2828 ............... Email ... cleartone@cleartonereeds.co.uk

Drone Reeds Made from Tough Plastic Materials

Completely See Through - No Hidden Detail

Designed for a Natural Response

Voiced for a Pure Clear Sound

- - New Versions - Now with movable plug - Fully adjustable - Pitch - Tone Quality - Stability of Pitch - -

More Details Inside
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All Reeds Guaranteed to Work

Price 15.00 per Set of 3 Reeds (Sterling)

Includes Postage & Packing (UK), add P & P Overseas

Discounts for bulk orders to bands, traders etc

Mail Order or for more details Email....cleartone@cleartonereeds.co.uk

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